How to cope when your spouse is on a rage?

H has been so good over the past few months. Never angry, always going to work. This Monday I came home and he was obviously upset about something as he was very terse with me. I knew something was wrong within 30 seconds of walking through the door just by the way he spoke to me. I'm 99.9% sure it's work. He didn't say anything to me about why he was upset that night.  The next day he went to work and came home 2 hours later. I see he texted his manager that he didn't feel well and threw up twice. I hardly think so. I think he was frustrated with his coworkers. Tuesday he seemed okay but quiet. Last night I walk through the door and the first thing he says to me is "I have felt like crap all day. I've been nauseous and poopy and haven't eaten anything so that's why I'm grumpy". it's not. You are grumpy because you're pissed at work. I open the trash to throw something away and see a Burger King bag in there so obviously he ate. And he's drinking so he can't feel that bad.

He can't get along with a few of his coworkers and doesn't think anyone takes any disciplinary action on them when they aren't doing their job. I even saw on his phone that he had taken a picture of the guy he can't stand sitting at the computer surfing the web rather than working and sent that to his manager. Funny, because he was the guy doing that a few months ago and he gave every reason as to why it was okay for him to do that when his manager was angry at him! He has the option to leave in 2 weeks to go to 2nd shift in another area and he has been ecstatic about that but tells me he negotiated with them to stay where he is until October and then they will start up a 2nd shift there where he will be the lead. Why doesn't he just leave now? He's making himself and me miserable. If he's in a bad mood when I get home, I get quiet and act like I am in a bad mood too because if I'm in a good mood he will immediately kill that off.

When he is like this, I can't concentrate at work, eat, want to be around anyone because all I want to do is get home and see if he's back to normal. I have to attend a dinner function for work one night next week and he will probably go ape shit on me for staying out later than usual like he did a year ago when I went to the same thing. Then the following week there is a retirement party for our COO. I want to go to that but would rather make up some excuse than tell him I'm going. He'll get really upset with me being gone 2 nights in one week.

I am so tired of my life being dictated by his crappy moods! I'm almost tempted to cancel a brow wax and tint on Saturday because if I tell him I'm going, with the mood he's been in, he'll probably tell me how stupid that is!