How do I get my wife to trust me again????????(She is non add partner)

I have been reading these posts for about a year now.I have been diagnosed for a little more than that.I go to my counselor weekly.I see my psychiatrist every three months (mostly for meds) I read books ,that give you strategies.I have been working really hard to make myself better.It is exhausting.I know my wife is exhausted too,but when does it get better?I am trying so hard,but it doesn't seem to make a difference with her. the only time she is happy is when she gets something she wants,not neccesarily needs, and shortly after she is unhappy again. When she makes a mistake,she never appollogizes. When I do something well she does not acknowledge it at all.My daughter does,she is 12.If she does recognize it,it is a negative or demeaning comment.When I try to talk to her about anything ,she is too busy or just doesn't want to bother.I can understand she is frustrated and angry,but after trying for months there have been no posituive results.I just don't know what to do.Can anyone PLEASE help me.I am soo afraid that my marriage will end soon,and I really don't want it too.I love my wife and children very much and realluy don't want to live apart from them.Please help.