How to get professional help when spouse and Dr are in denial of Adult ADHD

My husband a few months ago went to the Dr and while he was there I convinced him to ask the Dr about ADHD.  At this time I had moved out.  He told me when he asked the Dr about the matter he responded that he was too old to worry bout that.  Just this week I am at the end of my rope with him for all kinds of reasons.  I told him if he didn't go back and ask a Dr about that again and explain he needs to be diagnosed or find out something so things can get resolved in our marriage some how.  He is in Denial of the matter but I'm 100% sure he has it.  I know he was diagnosed 7 years ago when he went to Communicare for a few days.  He was to take Lexapro.  He has forgotten about that but I sure haven't.  We had a discussion about how I felt and why I didn't want to be married to him anymore and he said I hoped you would Understand.  My response to that was I have been Understanding for 10 years and I'm tired of understanding I want companionship and Stability in my life!!  Stability to him means money.  However Stability to me is a wide range of things!  To me it means counting on that person for whatever your needs may be, having conversation of important things and being open, being on time for events and not driving me crazy trying to get out the door.  I want my sanity back!!!  I can see his Anxiety each time we are getting ready to go somewhere and I hate that for him but I want Us to have a social life together I'm tired of doing things alone to enjoy my life.  I live in a small town and most people know me and they hardly ever see my husband with me and there are people who don't thing I'm married because of that.  Too me that is So Sad...  Any advise for me?