H's car got broken into...so why am I the only one who is worried about it?!

We took our trash out to the curb yesterday afternoon and upon doing that, my husband took a look in his car, which was sitting on the street, and noticed that his driver's seat was leaned way back further than he had left it. He opened his car door, which was unlocked, and saw that his glove box and center console were completely emptied of their contents. He said he wasn't sure what all was gone, but for sure the car registration and paperwork, his extra car key and his only set of keys to his trailer. He ranted and raved that the one time he leaves his car unlocked this happens to him and why does bad crap always happen to him. Okay, why on earth did you leave your car unlocked on the street? I mean we never have any crime that I know of in our neighborhood, but still! Plus, he's on a 10 day break form work and barely steps outside the front door so it's not like he was going to be using the car anytime soon.

Well he goes across the street where a cop lives and knocks on his door. The guy has a camera pointed at his driveway so maybe it caught the car. Nobody answers, but he doesn't knock on any of the other neighbor's doors to see if they heard anything. He noticed on the way back over to our house that there are tire burnout marks starting right next to his car and he remembered hearing squealing tires the night before. I tell him to call the police and he says "I don't have any proof that anything was broken into or stolen." So what?!  A LOT of people find things stolen and still call the police! Maybe there have been other break ins around. Nope, not going to call. He calls a locksmith and gets voice mail and leaves a message. Then proceeds to leave his phone in the living room on mute while he goes and plays his video game in another room. Um I would NOT be playing a video game right now! I would call as many locksmiths as it took until one answered and have them come over ASAP seeing as this person has your car and trailer keys. Then I would call and file a report with the police. Then I would call the insurance company and find out if theft is covered and what needs to happen next. I ask him 30 minutes later if he got a response and he says "I don't expect them to call back today." Well check your phone! Sure enough, they had called back! He calls them back and once again gets voice mail. This time they don't call back. He continues playing his game. I go online and see you can file an online report with the police if it meets certain standards so I do that. He tells me "Well I WAS going to do that in a bit." Really? Why do I find that hard to believe. Then I told him that I'll call the insurance guy tomorrow to find out what is going on. He says "Okay that sounds good" all while playing his video game!

It's just like with this collection agency that is taking money out of his paycheck all the time. He has no idea who's doing it, how much they are going to take out, when it will stop. I tell him to talk to someone at work and he goes "Yeah I guess I really should". He won't do that either. So you have no idea how much money this agency will take from you and now someone has a copy of your car key and you only set of trailer keys and you think "Meh, I'm just going to sit here and play video games".

I am SO SO tired of having to clean up all of his messes or be the one to have to do all the legwork while he just sits and plays video games or watches tv.