Husband + Facebook Flirting = Problems!

Do any of you find that your ADHD spouse does "harmless" flirting on Facebook? My H has "liked" several pictures of women he knows when they are in bikini's or look really good and has also written comments I don't approve of like "you are hotness personified" and "I'm surprised the snow isn't melting due to your hotness". These are almost always women who are single or divorced with no man in their lives, never married or have a boyfriend. He never logs out of Facebook on the laptop so I can see who he's been talking to. I find there to be lots of "likes" and some comments to the same woman for a while and then that one will wane and he'll start paying more attention to another woman's posts and liking those.

I also saw this morning that he private messaged some woman who I had seen a few "likes" lately. I don't know her, never heard of her and she's not Facebook friends with any of his friends, yet he said to her "I had no idea you lived in France. Were you in between jobs when I met you"? What? When and where did you meet this woman?! He is also friends on Facebook with an old girlfriend who he swears is just a friend but he "likes" EVERYTHING she puts up and they occasionally text and message but he never tells me this...I find out via snooping. 

I swear he just loves to attention, but I don't want to have to always worry that there's more going on with these women.