Husband hasn't gone into work for 3 days!

I've been with my husband for 6 years and now married for only 3 months. He said he may have a bit of ADHD but was never diagnosed as such. He has a union job and used up all his vacation and sick time within three months and now he uses FMLA to take days off. He got it for his back, but hardly any of the times he takes off are because of that. He is on day 3 of calling in sick. I get home and find him there in his pjs, playing his online game, drinking beer. If he called in sick and actually did something productive it wouldn't be as bad, but he does nothing.

His previous FMLA ran out last month and he had no choice but to go in. He worked for 3 weeks straight. It was great because I can't remember any time during the whole year that he actually worked that much. He just got it renewed a couple of weeks ago and has already taken 6 days off. 2 days because he actually was sick and the other 4 days just because. I have to pay the entire rent most months because he can't afford to help. I'll come home and he'll say he just wanted to spend time with me or he just wasn't motivated to go in. I have to get up every morning at 5AM to go to work. I'm not motivated but I do it every day without fail. You don't have to go in until 2PM but you just can't get motivated? Or is it you are too involved with your game and you can't be bothered to get ready? I'm so fed up with this, yet he always has an excuse.