Hyperfocus on your spouse, am I the only one ?

I haven't seen a post about the ADHD'R having issues with the spouse being the main focus. I came from a majorly diss functional family, so very young (4/5) I chose to build a replacement family later in life that would correct all the wrongs I was dealing with. Well between emotional immaturity, bad planning skills, and a very wicked case of ADHD being unregulated I lived my life. Typical low self esteem and anxiety kept me from dating, but one day I met my wife and it was on. Time to live my dream, my dream built by 4/5 year old architect. Well I felt all euphoric when we met and went into hyperfocus on her. 20 years later she is screaming for mercy because it's more intense today than ever.

has anyone felt with this from the ADHD'R side, and what have you been able to do ?


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