I am a better person when not with ADHD spouse

Anyone else feel the same? I just had a huge fight with the ADHD spouse. He had been drinking and started pressing me about some things I've done recently. These things I've done to protect my self from the harmful things he does to me. I did my best to shrug off and skirt the issue but he wouldn't let it go. So, I tried to explain why I closed my Facebook and why I no longer slow photos of me to be anywhere. He makes me feel so ugly I'm not putting myself out there..and he was off. As norm, he's perfect and I'm crazy. I get so angry b3ing dismissed like that, I blow up. Three years of this and I'm like a bomb with a password of crazy. I blew up, yelled and stormed out. I threw my wedding band in the slew and cried in my car. And after an hour of being away from him I feel so much better. I'm only like this around him. I hate me with him.