I am finally almost free

So today was the day I had to discuss the divorce agreement with spouse.  Hadn't seen him in 2 years.  He walked out almost 4 yrs ago, and took a job in another state (wasn't the first time he had left).  I find out 2 weeks later he was having an affair.  I went through hell the last 3 1/2 yrs over this.  We were married 27yrs, I stayed home and raised the kids.  He traveled and always worked but that was it.  No parenting, no support, couldn't let me express myself.  Most people ask me, "well, you must have had some good years".  Nope!  Can't say that I did.  Everyone was a struggle.  So anyways, we sit down today and start discussing the agreeement.  The same insulting nonsense flowed freely from his mouth as it had for the past 27yrs.  "you're insulting me"  "enough with the testimonials"  "I'm giving you alimony, you don't have to lift a finger" etc, etc.  I couldn't say a word to state my case.  I am certain there is more going on than just ADD.  I can truly finally feel the relief of never seeing or talking to him again.  I don't care what he is doing or who he is seeing.  That is so freeing!  Yes, I am still hurt that I took all those years of my life agonizing over the marriage and that I now have to work a job that isn't that fulfilling until I am in my 60's but I finally will be free.  I will have my life back.  I don't think he will ever find what he is looking for.