I have learnt alot about ADHD and the things that may trigger it more frequently than usual,ALCOHOL ABUSE,DRUGS, I want to state that I am not currently with my husband right now but was/is thinking of trying the relationship with meds,and treatment,also therapy.I am understanding alot better than before now, I did not really know certain things of which I know now,and also to help other's and encourage them on how ,to handle a spouse that's not on treatment or meds.Today he was at my home where he was fuming with alcohol and marijuana,he was very nice at first but then the trigger of alcohol brought on some strange behavior's when our conversation turned around to ADHD and even before,it was not a conversation I was prepared to have with him, but he was the one that brought it up first,and instead of arguing back with him, I am learning better to just listen, and think that right now his brain's is not functioning well and off balance.AND IT WORKED IN MY DEFENSE! DON'T ARGUE BACK and then I keep thinking it's not your fault and I felt so much better..All the things that I am going through with him lately has been very stressful on my part,but learning more and understanding better could really take some guilt away!He really is not well at all and his ADHD is the severe, but i want to stress on the SEVERE! I keep seeing a side in him that makes me thinks he has bipolar disorder,manic depressions as well because the severity of his ADHD,is way to high to be that alone.He was very ruthless and cruel tonight for no reason at all,I did not bring up any thing upsetting and he was very upset and looking for things to fight about, so then he saw my uncle sitting minding his own business, and he threw tantrums and wrong accusations that he was there to listen to our conversations,using loads of absence languages but quietly for him not to hear,well I was not getting up set with him because I know he is not medicated and drugged out with alcohol and weed, so I told him when you are all sober we would talk tomorrow, and when I was leaving to go inside he was like "'you better don't lock that gate"after he drove off, I am sorry, but, I felt the urge to laugh and laugh non stop and never felt happier during one of our fights, because I KNOW NOW! I am no fool to ADHD and the symptoms they carry,before I would cry ,feel depress NOT ANY MORE.THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.