I am SO glad to be back at work after a LOOOONG 5 days at home with H!

I have never known anyone to do absolutely nothing on a 10 day break! My husband is on day 6 of his break and he has not done one thing. The only thing he accomplishes is napping, eating, drinking, watching tv and playing video games. And the thing is, I can tell he is absolutely bored but he won't do anything about it. He went to bed at 6PM on Christmas because he was "tired of sitting at the computer and in front of the tv". I had 5 days in a row off and in that time we could have taken day trips or gotten some projects done around the house. He can't get his ass out of the house to mail his box of Christmas presents for his daughter. I've heard for 2 weeks how he's going to call an electrician to have him come out and give an estimate and every day it's "I forgot, I'll do it tomorrow". He said numerous times last week how he was going to take his motorcycle down to this guy's shop on Saturday to have it tuned up. Well of course I knew THAT wasn't going to happen. Nope he "just wasn't feeling it" on Saturday and is going to do it tomorrow now. Of course that means that I won't have a vehicle to get to work because he needs the truck to tow the trailer and I can't drive his stick shift car. So he says it's not a problem to take me to work in the morning and then go to this guy's shop. Well you do realize that after driving around all day you'll have to come back (a 45 minute drive) and pick me up from work because the trains aren't running?  Well see now it's MY fault because I never learned to drive a stick and if I did, I could just take that but now he's all exasperated at the fact that he'll be on the road all day. Well WHY didn't you go on Saturday like you said you would?? I mean, my god, he even said to me yesterday afternoon that he needed to take a shower at halftime of the football game we were watching and I knew, because he made a point to say that he HAD to take a shower, that he wouldn't be taking one. Sure enough...no shower taken all day! Just like when I tell him I'm going to bed and he tells me he'll be in in 10 minutes after he finishes his round of video gaming I know that means I won't see him for at least another 2 hours.

He won't do anything on his time off, but yet he'll work a 10 hour day, go pick up a new water heater at Home Depot and spend 2 hours installing it all in the same day without complaint. Yet ask him to pick up the phone and call an electrician on his 10 day break...it simply can't be done! And I go nuts sitting at home because if I tell him I'm going shopping or simply going for a walk I get the sarcastic "Oh THAT sounds like a LOT of fun" or "Fine go and do stuff without me, see if I care" and he makes me feel absolutely horrible. Yet all he does is sit and play his video game for 5-6 hours a day so why the hell does he care if I'm there or not?? So I end up just sitting on the couch watching tv because if I do anything else like clean or try and do anything at all he comes running out saying 'What ARE you doing?" He is supposedly going to 2nd shift next month and I hope so because that means I can come home to an empty house and do what I want, eat what I want and watch what I want without being criticized by him. I can go out with coworkers after work and not worry about what his snide comments will be when I get home because he'll never know I was out! And you can be damn sure I wont' be sitting around the house either.  Just as always, as soon as he leaves the house, I go into action mode.

And if I tell him I'm bored he'll go "Well what do you want to do? All you have to do is speak up and we'll do something." No we won't! I tell you I want to go for a walk and you roll your eyes. I tell you I want to go see a movie, but it's a chore for you because it's not one you want to see. I want to go out for a night on the town but you don't because you "just aren't feeling it". I wanted you to go to a concert or a play with me but they are "way out of your comfort zone". This is why I never ask you to do anything. All my ideas, if they don't involve drinking at a bar, get shot down.

It is now 2PM I have checked out phone usage and he has not called the electrician yet again today. I have checked Facebook and at no time has he been off of it long enough to take our cat to the vet for a checkup. He asked me twice last night if the vet was open today. Yup they are, but only 9-1 so apparently the cat isn't going today. I will come home and ask what he did and I guarantee his response will be "I took a nap, drank some beer and played video games all day". My god! You told me how bored you were getting at home so WHY WHY WHY won't you get up and DO something??!!!