I don't know what to do. Is it too late?

As the topic states, I'm at a loss as to what I can do to save my marriage. We have been together for five years, and I am the one with adhd. For a couple of years now, my wife has been very unhappy in our relationship. I admit my conduct during this period was not acceptable. I got fired from my job and just stayed home, not taking care of anything and not looking for a job. That's when the real trouble started. She now feels that she is like my mother and not my wife. She's tired of having to handle all the important aspects of our life, and she has been unbelievably stressed. Lately she has been telling me that she is over our relationship and she doesn't want to be married anymore. I've certainly been doing better than a year ago, but I'm far from perfect. I love her more than anyone, but she doesn't believe me at all. I'm trying to manage my problems but my medication isn't working anymore and I don't have insurance to get it adjusted. I'm trying to be better at doing things and being proactive, but forgetfulness and simple common sense things are still a big part of why she is so frustrated. Due to recent stresses and feelings of worthlessness, I recently attempted suicide and was admitted to a psych hospital. She tells me all the time that thousands of people live with and manage adhd, so I'm just being lazy and won't try. She doesn't want to work with me at all. She says its my problem so I have to fix it, She shouldn't have to exert any more effort. I don't know what more I can do. What can I do to make my situation better?