but i doubt i have ADHD

I am a computer technician with a company for 13 years (been with them for 15 years).  i am intellectual and logical.  I am politically correct when i know i need to be.  i also haven't gotten along with my wife for a very long time.  instead of her realizing the issue is her, she looks online to find out how it is my issue.

She says I am ADD/ADHD (because our oldest daughter has it and it is, of course, my fault)

She says I am OCD.

She says I have aspergers.

This coming from a woman that thinks the best way to reward me is sex when she gets what she wants.

I do help around the house.  i do laundry at least once a week.  I cook 3-4 times a week.

she is a housewife.  i work 50-60 hours a week to include weekends.

She doesn't have any friends to hang out with.  I do.  I try to encourage her to get out more, but she doesn't.

she likes to claim i do nothing around the house, but the house looks better whenever she goes away for a few days as I am more thorough with cleaning than she is. (she loves dust collecting knick-knacks, i don't as i have allergies and asthma)

She is Japanese.  i only understand 2nd grade level and i hate dramas and soap operas.  she thinks i am ignoring the family when she watches her Japanese dramas when i am on my cell phone using Facebook.  she forces me to be in the same room.

She grew up with money.  i grew up poor.

i am a weightlifter and i stay pretty much in shape.  She bounces between fad exercise after fad exercise and doesn't stick with them long. 

I went online and there is nothing online about women really with these diagnosis.  everything is about the poor wife that has to deal with the man and his issues.

REALLY?  how about the fact that we are different.  Women are emotional and mean to each other, men are logical and fair.  i see it everyday. I work for a company that has a lot of female mgrs.  How some of these women get to keep their jobs is beyond me as they are less productive in the long run.  (notice i said "some", and if you didn't, you may want to be checked for ADHD).

I think the problem is that today's humans are entitled and wussified so they can complain about everything that offends them (actually, the loud minority of humans).  Everything and everyone must be labeled.  if you don't like who i am, leave me alone.  go away.  i have lots of friends that accept me for who i am and genuinely like me.

I have asked this woman for a divorce many times....she won't.  She prefers to keep this relationship going.  fine, I'll play along until the kids move out.