I feel I have lost joy in my life due to H's ADHD!

I just find me losing everything I liked to do. I have lost my independence. He throws this guilt trip at me anytime I mention I am going out with coworkers after work or out to dinner with a friend. The "Oh fine go have fun with your friends, see if I care! I'll just sit here at home and party it up!" Of course then when I don't go out he goes "What is WRONG with you? I'm just kidding! Go have fun with your friends. Like I said, I'll just be partying it up here!" He is so mean about it and then says I take everything too personally.

I told him on Saturday morning that I was going up to the greenhouse to a talk they were giving on attracting wildlife to your yard. The greenhouse is less than a mile from our house. The talk started at 10AM. He had too much to drink the night before and was obviously not feeling great that morning and had no plans on leaving the house. However when I came out and told him this he goes 'Um...okay then!" said in a very snide tone. I almost didn't go to the talk because he seemed either upset that I was going or that I didn't ask him. He wasn't going to go!

I literally feel like all I can do anymore is sit in front of the tv when he is around. If I turn off the tv and read or sit outside and read he thinks I'm upset. If I clean too much he tells me I've got issues. If I leave the house without him or without asking if he wants to come along he gives me the sarcastic "Fine go have fun" or "Oh are you stopping at the pool boy's house?" He tells me to get a hobby because he has so many but what kind of hobby am I going to get that he isn't either going to make fun of, or show me how to do it "right" or get upset if it requires me going out of the house to meet up with others once a week?