I Give Up

Well, after 21 years of marriage, not happily, I'm finally giving up! We're getting a divorce and going our separate ways. Wife has ADD and depression and simply will not get help. When she was going to counseling, about 6 years ago, things were fine, but sometimes a little rough. Her counselor retired, gave her a list of referrals, but she never would call them, or would lie to me about calling them. Her counselor told me one time that she recommended a psychiatrist. However wife would not go. Long story shorter..... we are filing for uncontested divorce. Wife's lack of concern and me exhausting all my tolerance. This is not the first time her and I got a divorce. We're married first time for 10 years. Eventually all she wanted do do was lay in bed all day long. Would not get help but would get angry with me for suggesting she did. She decided she wanted out (just like this time) After being divorced about a year, we remarried. Biggest mistake of my life! Has been mostly hell since! Now we're getting divorced again. I'll be happy to get this over with. We're not young folks, me 73 and her 68, but it's much better than living a life unhappy and with a woman who absolutely cannot be happy!