I have to get my life under control

Oh my life my life.... I am ADHD.  I was diagnosed by my general practice doctor.  I can't afford therapy.  I know I strongly need therapy.  I don't think ADHD is all that is wrong with me.  If you allow me to diagnose myself I would say I have anxiety disorder and depression.  I can't hold a real job.  When it comes down to getting work done I just can't do it.  A big part of my anxiety is the fear of failing.  I always fail.  I make stupid mistakes.  I know how to do things but then I screw up.  I also fell like I have social anxiety.  I always feel like people will hate me or I will say something impulsive and stupid.  When I get nervous I do say inappropriate things. 

This in no way helps my marriage.  My husband is smart.  He is a hands on learner.  As life goes on I see more and more that he does not have as much common sense.  Which is crazy to me because I don't have a problem with common sense.  I think everybody can do anything better than me.  I guess this comes into play a showing of major confidence problems.  My husband and I have major communication problems.  I do work part time (18hr/wk) My job anybody could do.  I am technically a housewife.  It annoys my husband when he comes home and I have done nothing all day.  My house is quite messy.  There is no organization.  My brain hits overload with everything I need to do and then I do nothing.  I've read all the books and I know what I should do but just end up doing nothing. 

My husband and I got married when I was 17. I have never been able to be on my own and learn about me and be in my own head.  I don't know what to do.