I have left my wife

Aftre a year of marriage I have left my wife of one year. I have known her 3 years.  She tried once to take meds but it didn't do much for her.  She has occasionally used cocaine over the years and self medicated.  Now she has moved up to Crystal Meth and I just can't take it anymore.  I have always been known in my family as a patient, cool mellow guy whoi can roll with the punches.  This woman reduced me to a raving screaming maniac.  I hate her to be on such an addictive drug.  I understand it works for her. I can hear her cleaning the kitchen at 1AM AND doing a fine job.  Her 13 YO daughter heard me screaming to stop using this and was very upset.  My wife accused me of hurting a beautiful mother daughter relationship and told me to get out.  I was ready to anyway.  No matter waht you don't mess with a daughter and her kids.  There is no way I can go back to all the behavior that drove me crazy.  I would be willing to go through counseling while we are apart, but could not do that hard work.  But she has to get her ADD under control first, then maybe some counseling.  I'm doing individual counseling to get my head back together. 


Anybody have similar experience and how did you handle it.  Thanks Much