I need advice, please help!

Hi Everyone,

I will try to make this short and simple, but I wondered if there were any adults who could post about their successful lives on ADHD meds/alternative treatments. At 24, I find myself struggling with a fear of long-term ADHD med usage and knowing that my symptoms could be holding me back at my job and in my relationship. I've been trying the Paleo diet which really helps when I'm strict, but still does not completely alleviate my symptoms. I've found that heavy exercise can make me instantly clear headed, but that is not something I have time for on a daily basis. I've been on ADD meds in the past to include Vyvance, adderall and wellbutrin, but the wellbutrin was for depression, so I honestly do not know if that was helping my ADHD a lot or not. I do know that my libido decreased drastically in the years that I was on so many medications. I choked it up to birth control pills or even strattera, but perhaps it could have been removing myself from the wellbutrin? My libido was fine before I started any medicine and very strong, but maybe that could have been it.

I just need to know that there are adults out there who have been successfully taking medications for x amount of years without any drastic side effects. All the studies I find on ADHD med long-term use are in children and I never find anything about adults who have to take medication their entire lives. I think this is what I'm afraid of and what holds me back from taking anything again. After my house burned down a couple years ago and I lost all my meds, I found comfort in the silliness that returned to my personality and feared losing that again. Does anyone take anything that doesn't make them feel like a robot? I know that they help me, but fear long-term damage to my brain. I would love if someone could put my fears to rest or even suggest other holistic alternatives. Thank you to anyone who responds.