I will NEVER live with a partner again!

Ok here goes, I have ADHD, Aspergers, Depression and mild specific learning disabilities and for the past 3 years I've been in a relationship with another person with ADHD/AS and it's about to end...I'm initiating it.

Our conditions manifest in us differently and our personalities are almost polar opposites, I'm introverted and he is extroverted and I just cannot cope with his loudness, irresponsible spending, poor hygiene, poor anger management issues, lack of respect for my body and physical space boundaries, immaturity or controlling ways anymore...in fact I have briefly entertained thoughts of suicide because it would be far better than what I'm expected to tolerate at this point.

My family can no longer stand him either and they think he's dragging me down emotionally, mentally, financially and to a lesser extent physically and they're right, I now have a myriad of problems that never existed prior to meeting him and I'm taking the necessary steps to get rid of those problems and first step would be to move on from the person who has had a hand in creating them.

I feel like a failure because I have had some bad relationships with NT's prior to this but this relationship is just as bad if not worse and this person isn't an NT so it has to be my fault somewhere...big time, some people say it's because I pick the wrong people but I don't always see that until it's too late..

I get to move out with my cat soon, that makes me happier...I guess it'll be onwards and upwards but I know one thing for sure it's highly unlikely that I will EVER live with anyone again