Illusion of Control Hearing Loss and ADHD

Want to see something freaky?  Read this description of the effects of hearing loss with infants that has to do with speech.

Sentence Structure

Children with hearing loss comprehend and produce shorter and simpler sentences than children with normal hearing.

Children with hearing loss often have difficulty understanding and writing complex sentences, such as those with relative clauses ("The teacher whom I have for math was sick today.") or passive voice ("The ball was thrown by Mary.")

Children with hearing loss often cannot hear word endings such as -s or -ed. This leads to misunderstandings and misuse of verb tense, pluralizations, non-agreement of subject and verb, and possessives.


Children with hearing loss often cannot hear quiet speech sounds such as "s," "sh," "f," "t," and "k" and therefore do not include them in their speech. Thus, speech may be difficult to understand.

Children with hearing loss may not hear their own voices when they speak. They may speak too loudly or not loud enough. They may have a speaking pitch that is too high. They may sound like they are mumbling because of poor stress, poor inflection, or poor rate of speaking.

Now....for anyone interested....go back to any of my posts ( which are unedited )...and look what's missing in a lot of the words used.....or.....see the wrong endings as in past tenses, plurals, and non-agreement of subjects and verbs and possessives?  It won't be hard to do because as I write.....I am thinking of the word correctly in my head......but I actually "type" it....just the way it comes out?  What is even more weird?  Is that I don't do this when I speak ( anymore or rarely and I actually correct it right then when I speak but it is so rare that this never happens?  Almost never...but making a point here? )

I do this when I write...and at no other time but the fact is....I am thinking the words correctly in speaking them in my mind....but I type them incorrectly anyway and I have no control of this?  I use to think this was dyslexia of a type and maybe that is what it is?  But how it got this way....was exactly as this explains?  Simply....not  being able to hear an infant and not hearing it...when I was learning how to talk as an infant...which of course...I can't even remember?  Freaky....isn't it?  The illusion that we are actually in control of these apparently very real?  Also to point out....this is not central processing auditory disorder which has to do with hearing it right...but getting it mixed up inside the brain during the processing of it?  With wasn't that I wasn't processing what I heard was simply.....not being able to hear these sounds....and therefore....were not included in learning them as I was actually learning how to speak for the first time as an infant /child?  Pretty much....they just got left out during that time?

And now......almost 60 years later.....those same exact sounds..and where they are in the sentence.....are still mixed or missing all the time.....since I do type by feel and learned to type a long time ago...I can type and think and write...all at the same time without having to look down at my fingers and type automatically as I think?  How freaking weird is that?

Which only confirms and validates what I already know is true?  Attachment very very real?  We have no idea of that time in our life and cannot remember these things at all?  But a part of does...and that still there working it's magic....without our awareness of it what so ever?  In the illusion or arrogance we have of ourselves.....that we feel we are so in control of ourselves when in reality....we are not....and have far less control....than we actually believe?

If this isn't proof of this....right here using myself as the evidence of it?  Then I don't know what is.....seeing is believing and this applies to watch out for what you believe?  It is not all smoke and mirrors...and there is science to back this up?

One final thing this article was saying...was about prognosis and learning development depending on the severity of the hearing loss?

Academic Achievement

Children with hearing loss have difficulty with all areas of academic achievement, especially reading and mathematical concepts.

Children with mild to moderate hearing losses, on average, achieve one to four grade levels lower than their peers with normal hearing, unless appropriate management occurs.

Children with severe to profound hearing loss usually achieve skills no higher than the third- or fourth-grade level, unless appropriate educational intervention occurs early.*******

The gap in academic achievement between children with normal hearing and those with hearing loss usually widens as they progress through school.

The level of achievement is related to parental involvement and the quantity, quality, and timing of the support services children receive.


This is really interesting to me especially hearing improved over time by the time I was about 9 or 10 years old which put me in about the 4th or 5th grade since part of it for me...was a structure issue inside my nose and ears and all the tubes leading back and forth from one to the other plus...I had my tonsils out with no real need other than to do it for this reason ( at age 4 ) thinking it might help?  I have no idea on that one...but my hearing did improve?  I also noticed...that in the past few hearing as declined again with getting older but it's still not a problem that I need a hearing aid but....I do have one to use on occasion...and it makes a big difference in hearing these missed sounds especially watching TV through a small speaker with degraded sound integrity with understanding speech of TV?

Since this is actually a brand new discovery for me in respect to "speech". I was able to go back and revisit...all the problems my wife and I have had over this ( her misinterpreting these things as something else? ) and show her this explain this too her further and she immediately understood this and could relate to it where before...all she did was get angry with me...and complain constantly about me not being able to hear her or asking her to repeat things she said saying....'well if you'd listen to me and pay attention better....well maybe you'd hear me? Or leave the room and refuse to watch TV with me...because the sound level was so intrusive for her and with me going...."this is a nightmare!!! I've reliving my childhood and getting the same abuse as before and she won't believe me!!!!!"

And then suddenly...overnight....I show it my ears and not ADHD....and she believes me just fine and has no problem understanding it ...NOW its hearing loss related and not ADHD related in just these symptoms and nothing else related to ADHD?  Yet the problem....was and is and always has been exactly the same?

So I guess this goes to show...if you have ears and can hear....then you can understand and relate and accept it instantaneously...and all is forgiven?

But if it's ADHD....then this is unacceptable....can't understand.....can't accept and there is no forgiveness what so ever and all I did....was change the words or reasons to a different one...and now it changes just like that...overnight? I take a look at the part about never get past 9 or 10 years old as a permanent dysfunction...and apply to inside the Brain ( not outside of the Brain ) and applies the same thing to my wife?  It shows me in some ways....that a lot of learning needs to be done...and some of it.....sounds like.....there is no amount of learning that will ever get past the parts of her that were missing and not learned ( or not going into her memory back then at the developmental stage.) that will ever be more or improve past....the age of say....9 or 10 years olds but I am only going off of this anecdotally and I have no means to verify this?  It's jut a comparing the two.;..and how the got this way?

When I consider that my wife has said repeatedly....I am a "black and white....concrete thinker"....that would be about right...for a child of say.....9 or 10 years old wouldn't it?  mmmmmmmmmm???