I'm back after 4 months away...and boy do I have a doozy of a story!

So last time I wrote anything on here was March 20 when I wrote that my husband decided to go in for alcohol treatment after not going to work for 3 weeks and not telling me why. So he had 2 weeks of treatment and came home and all seemed well. He was happy and he told me he was going to work on Monday. Well Monday turned into Tuesday and then Tuesday turned into Wednesday and once again the excuses as to why he couldn't go in happened. Finally that Friday he returned to work. He tells me that night when he gets home that they are saying he is unexcused for one of the weeks he was out. He said he told his manager and the manager agreed that he had talked to him about it but upper management wouldn't approve it and he could be fired. Well he thought all was taken care of and about 2 weeks later was approached again by HR about it and had to sign something that would then be reviewed and then he would either most likely be fired or have to go back to rehab to keep his job. This occurred on May 15. He came home at lunch that day because he was upset and then didn't return the rest of that week or the following week because he said that if he isn't there then they can't fire him and he needs to figure out what to do, which is total BS. IF they are going to fire him, they can do it whther he's there or not!


Well Memorial Day weekend came and he said the following Monday he would return to work and if he had to go to rehab to keep his job he would. Well he is in a horrific crash at the racetrack that weekend and breaks his scapula and 7 ribs and has a punctured lung. Well now he can't go to work.He is off for nearly 2 months and has a doctors appt on July 17 and is told he can return to work that Monday. He tells me he's going in. Well that Monday morning on Facebook he messages me "I was up thinking quite a bit last night. I think I need to quit." Goes into all the reasons why (they may do something funny and fire him anyways when he returns without a rehab option and this way he's going out on his terms and can reapply there for another job). At this point I'm like "Whatever." He's going to do what he wants regardless. So he left his $38/hr job and is now unemployed. Even if he does get hired there again he'll start at $15/hr and once again have to work his way up the ladder, but I don't know why he even wants to work there because he hates it. So I am the only one working, I have been the only one paying bills since March and it will continue. We now have to switch over to my insurance which is going to take a whopping $500 out of my paycheck every month whereas for him it was only $80/month and had GREAT coverage. He had not done any looking for a job that I can tell and has become obsessed with building a pond in our backyard. He built a small one and then this weekend decided to expand it. He spends hours out there arranging and rearranging rocks and lights. He comes inside only to get antsy every15 minutes and go out and look at it and do stuff to it. He gets mad at me if I don't want to come out every 15 minutes and stare at it and have him tell me all about it. I am really fed up with it. It's great and I love it, but he is doing nothing else but obsessing about this pond.

Oh AND since he no longer is employed, that means he is no longer covering his daughter's insurance. She turns 18 in 3 months and I distinctively remember him telling me that he had to cover her insurance as part of the parenting plan. I told him to be sure that they know she is no longer covered. He goes "Well I told her mother a few months ago that I was going to be quitting." Yeah and she probably assumed you would have another job that would cover the daughter! You can't just not tell them that she isn't covered! What if she goes to the doctor or the dentist in the next few months? They are going to get a bill and then guess what? They are going to forward it on to us to pay it! I don't think he even understands how insurance works! He thinks that you just tell them you are under certain insurance even if you aren't and things will get paid for! He needs to pay for her child support and secondary schooling but has no job. He tells me "I'll just use my savings from work. I can get by on that for 4-5 months before things get rough." Okay your savings is retirement savings for RETIREMENT which is still 15 years away! Plus, your 401k savings is pathetic for a 47 year old man. He only has $23,000. Nope he doesn't see it as a problem. He thinks he's the richest man in the world right now with that money.