Impulsivity and COVID

I recently posted about my wife's impulsivity and COVID risks.

Yesterday, our son wanted to see a freind who is going to be starting college and said that they would walk around locally.  OK.  It turns out he got in the other kid's car and they drove to a restaurant in another town and ate a late lunch.  My son assured me that it was OK because his friend had taken a COVID test for the college.  Nevermind that the COVID test only shows if they had COVID when the test was taken, not if they caught it 5 minutes later.

He is very underweight (about 113 pounds at 5 foot 11) and has muscle weakness that he is supposed to be doing physical therapy for.  I asked if he had seen the before and after pictures of COVID victims--big muscualar guys who wasted away to skin and bones.  He had not.  I told him that if he gets COVID he will not have any weight to fall back on and it will therefore be very dangerous.  Oh, it will take me time to gain weight so I might as well not start.  Oh, we are going to have a vaccine in a few months....

Our daughter has a circulatory problem (Renauds) and also has eating issues.