Just another vent.

I don't understand how when I can ask a very simple question, how I am supposed to be just fine when the answer is given with rolling eyes, and an irritated annoyed tone.  I am sick of being treated like that and when I point out I was simply asking so that I could determine my plans around his activity, his response is that he "just replied is all" now annoyed that I am pointing out his tone with me.  He doesn't see it, doesn't acknowledge it, and again I am sure assumes I am simply trying to control him.


sick of it.  He would not speak to his mother or daughter or any of his friend the way he speks to me.  He would not roll his eyes anytime they dare initiate any conversation with him like he does me.  I am sure he is probably counting the flipping days until he is gone to get away from all my annoying questions.  I wish I didn't have to ask or say anything at all.  SICK OF IT!