Kind of defeats the whole purpose of calling ahead

Last night, my wife suggested ordering out and asked me if I could pick it up.  OK.

I looked at the menu and told her what I wanted.  The kids were still deciding, so I said I would go to the store for some things we needed and then I could pick it up.

I called to check in to make sure she placed the order when I finished shopping.  Yes, she placed the order FOR THREE OF US.  Our teen wanted to go with me and ask questions about the food before deciding.  I pointed out that this would mean waiting another twenty minutes while our food grew cold.  Once we got to the restaurant, our teen basically ordered right off the menu without asking any questions!  Then did not eat it anyway.

I pointed out that 1) she should have checked with me before placing a partial order, 2) she should have thought it through herself and realized our food would get cold, and 3) she is the parent and can tell our kids they have to order with everyone else or find something to eat at home.