I am at the end of my rope! I'd say just about 90% of the stuff that comes out of H's mouth anymore is a story to make him look better! I look at his phone when he's not around and I see the continuous texts to his manager as to why he can't come in. Day after day there's something that JUST happened as to why he can't go in. My car broke down and he has to take me in but in the process of doing that his car broke down and he is stranded at the side of the road waiting on a tow truck. He has a doctor's appt at 7AM (even though they don't open until 8AM!) and can't make it in because right after that appt the doctor scheduled him for physical therapy. He went to the wrong building for his appt by mistake and now they put him on the waiting list to see someone so it may be a couple of hours before he can get in. He had to take his daughter back to her mom's because she was pitching a fit about being here and no trains were available so he had to make the 10 hour long trip. Nobody has these occurances day after day! Anybody can see how absolutely absurd they are!

Then about 2 weeks ago he was all excited because he found out he is only 2 classes away from being able to move into another job there. One is just an online class he can finish in a couple of days and the other is an open book test he can take. He told me then that he could have these done by the end of the week. Well he sat and did the booklet for 2 days and then he did nothing with it. I told him to finish it and then he proceeds to tell me that he can't even move to another position until his CAM (Corrective Action Measure) clears up and that won't be until next June! I asked him when he got this CAM and he just blew it off as there was some mix up in the paperwork and he couldn't show that he was out for whatever on whatever day. Well it finally caught up with you huh?! If you get more than 2 CAM's in one year then you get fired. Even with the possibility of getting another CAM with all his BS, he STILL continues not to work! He was out all last week because he apparently can't work when he needs to work on the firepit. He tells me on Thursday that he HAS to go in Friday because there's no way out of it. He's out of days off. I told him "Yeah sure there isn't. How many times have you told me that you HAD to go in because there's NO way to get around it, yet you still don't go in?"  Oh sure he gets up and leaves the house at 4AM and me thinking he is being honest with me doesn't check the phone records to see if he called the attendance line. But while I'm at work at 9AM I go and check them. Yep. 4:30 he called the line and he was pulling his "I'm just going to go sit and have breakfast somewhere for a couple of hours until she leaves for work and then come home and act like I was at work all day". That is the ultimate in deceptiveness and worse than not going in at all! Oh how I would love to go and move the car to another street and then sit at home waiting for him to show up one morning after he thought I was gone! Just to see his face when he walks in the front door only to see me sitting on the couch waiting on him! I'm sure he'd talk his way out of it (Oh I forgot to grab some paperwork I left here and came home to get it, but I can't find it so now I need to go to the doctor later this morning so I'll just take the day off) and then he'll accuse me of not trusting him and the whole thing will turn around on me! Of course though, I can't waste a workday sitting at home waiting to see if he'll be coming home because I have a JOB I have to go to!!! He even got a note to be put on light duty doing something in another area away form his hated manager and he STILL isn't going in!

I got home at 4:30 on Friday, supposedly 2 1/2 hours after he got home from "work", and I can just tell by the state of the house that he was home all day. The bed, although it is made, is not as I left it that morning so I know he took a nap. There's a dish he had put in the oven to cook something that is in the sink, the firepit has been worked on and he is in the middle of playing video games and it's obvious that he had been drinking for a while. No way in 2 1/2 hours would he have done all of this! If anything he may have napped and been playing video games but that's it! I don't say anything (I never do because I just know he's going to lie his way out of it) and he proceeds to tell me (without any prompting) that his partner came up to see him in his new area today. I don't say anything and change the subject.

Last night he was already turning things around on me without any prompting saying how he worked hard outside all last week so it's not like he's sitting around not doing anything. I said that I know and I appreciate that you are finally getting to this firepit but you can't NOT go to work in the process. He says he's sorry and that bringing home $1200 a paycheck is better than the previous $400 he was bringing home before his raise but he can still go and bring home $1200 a paycheck somewhere else. Really? And where do you plan on getting another job that is paying you as much as this one is? You don't have a college degree and you don't have the energy to even update your resume much less look for another job! So is your plan to try and get another CAM where you are at and then get another one and hope you get fired so you don't have to go to work anymore? He would love to just go work on bikes at a bike shop. Let's see and that would pay you what, maybe $15/hr? You are making $36/hr now and you STILL can't pay your share of the bills! I'm all for him being at a job he would actually go to, but right now I need him to make as much as possible and pay his share of bills. I see him throwing money at his motorcycle and alcohol right after he gets paid and then when I ask him for some money towards bills I get "Oh I'm pretty tapped this paycheck but I'll pay you next paycheck" which of course never happens because his next paycheck he only brings home $400. How can he continually let me pay for everything while he spends the little money he has on his toys? I tell him that I'm really tired of having to take money out of my savings to pay for his share of bills and of course he tells me he is sorry and that he PROMISES to go to work from now on and he does for about 2 weeks and then falls back into his pattern.