A Light Bulb Moment

I'm reading "Living with ADD When You're Not the One Who Has It".   One statement hit me square between the eyes...."Some people with attention deficit disorder tend to seek stimulation in the form of conflict".  I know that there are just times when my husband has approached me to "pick a fight".....no reason.  Now I see that he was looking for a stimulus.  After many years of fighting back, I began to see that he just wanted to fight and tried my best to not take the bait.  That's hard because he knows all of my "hot buttons" and is a very good manipulator.  I guess he's learned that he can't draw me into a fight because he doesn't try this much any more.  Boy, I wish I had known this 30 years ago!!!  Maybe I could have found something else to relieve his boredom.  Those of you that are young....I hope you will learn what I've learned earlier than I did in your marriage. I would think it would decrease the frustration and anger if your spouse is like mine.

In her introduction she says "These pages don't focus on taking care of your ADD spouse or making your relationship work.  They are about taking care of yourself."  Right now I'm reading two books that are about taking care of myself.  The other is "Alone in Marriage" by Susie Larson.  It's not about ADD but it's great.