link with restless leg and OCD?

hi.  I wanted some feedback on how to better handle dealing with The adhd person and his annoying habits.  My husband has restless leg syndrom, OCD, doesn't know he is singing and he sounds horrible(the kids yell for him to stop when he starts that moose mating call!!), he leaves his things all over the house, is financially irresponsible, yet tells me, "but I have a good heart and I'm trying!"  I feel like a monster b/c we can't even watch a movie together without me saying.."stop biting your nails, moving your legs...tapping on the couch and/or tapping your forehead!" I tell him it's making me nervous and distracting me from the movie. He is at first okay and tells me, "I didn't know i was doing it."  Then a minute later he is doing it again. I say something and he starts screaming for me to leave him alone!!! then we fight.

 His boss is highly annoyed with his constant leg shaking and kicked him at a meeting under the table b/c he was moving the table with all these buyers around!! 

What annoys me the most is he has a 10yr old son who is so much like him and his boy works his nerves and is constantly getting yelled at by my husband.  He denies the two being at all alike.  The child and my husband are both medicated but still it is a challange.

I don't know how to cope with all these annoying behaviors.  He knows their an issue but says he doesn't know he is doing them when he is. 

He also was officailly diagnoses with Oppositioanl deviant and bipolar nos.  It is awful sometimes to just be in his prescense. 

I'm so frustrated...