long distance

For those who haven't seen my story in the ADHD parter forum:  I am a deployed military member and spouse of an ADHD wife who also suffers from low self esteem.  I have been gone for about seven months and will be home in close to a month.  For the first four months while I was gone, everything seemed to be going as well as could be expected.  We messaged one another over social media when we were waking up and going to bed, used video chat almost daily, and exchanged "I love you" frequently.  My wife suddenly and unexpectedly became emotionally distant.  She left our family home to stay with a friend of hers in a different state about a month and a half ago.  She also abruptly stopped telling me that she loves me at this time.  It seems likely she became overwhelmed.  Since then, our communication has declined progressively. She will not answer her phone or video chat; providing an array of excuses about issues with her phone and the internet being unreliable.  Not only does she have her phone, but her tablet.  We were still video chatting at least two or three times a week up until Easter Sunday so I could see our daughter get her Easter basket.  Since then, facebook messenger and email has been our primary form of communication.

I have expressed how much it means to me being deployed and getting to see our daughter over video chat.  She has apolagized for being closed off, but nothing changes.  I am curious as to what strategies and/or approaches I can implement to try and expand our communication.  I am staying upbeat and supportive and have made a conscience effort to start complimenting her more.  I have been getting positive responses to the compliments.  My ultimate goal is to bring us back together, but finding the avenue to get there is the immediate goal.