"long distance" dating and Adhd

I'm new to this forum.

I am 25, I work full time, take classes online, and I'm a single mom to a three year old.

Some how, I manage to stay afloat. Barely. Meds help, and having some sort of a system help me as well.

The part that I have the most trouble containing emotions and impulsivness is dating. I am dating someone who lives about an hour away, we only see each other every other weekend when we both don't have our children.

In between our visits...I am a ball of mood swings! Sometimes I am ecstatic and so happy that I have this person in my life. Then I feel like there is no point to this relationship. We don't talk on the phone often (its hard to pay attention on the phone for me and I think that bugs him lol) so we basically text. often times he falls asleep early, as do I. He works construction (I do as well but in office) and its hard for him to just text me while he is at work, which most days I understand. But I'm having a hard time not feeling...well, rejected. Can anyone else relate? What do you do to ease this?

I will get angry from feeling like I'm not getting enough attention and send him an angry text. Then I'll apologize. He never seems to be too offended, hes pretty calm natured and understanding. Which I should love, but then I feel like he doesn't care because he doesnt argue back, he just simply understand my view and explains why he can't text back right away.


Am I the only one who has these feelings?