My partner was lucky enough to be diagnosed with adhd as a child and given concerta to help with symptoms. However over the last few weeks have noticed little things but more often and worse. Over our short time together I knew very little about the condition and still do. I struggle to talk to him about it. He seems unsettled and restless. He assures me he is fine and his tablets are working but refuses to accept there may be problems that we need to face as a couple. A few examples of recent behaviours is snapping in conversation. I cant say anything about adhd without him throwing a tantrum. He was so helpful around the house now I have to ask. And not just once.bills cant be paid without junk food being bought. He struggles to sit and eat partly because of concerta. He jokes about me beimg his carer but it is now at a point I feel like it. And as an occupation I am a carer and finding it difficult to deal with may be a carer for him as well. I have talked to him about my feelings and questioned maybe more help professionally or from his parents but is refusing. I dont want to run out on him as this is what he is expecting. But if he refuses to meet me half way. What am I to do? He wants kids one day but we have no intimate relationship because i cant get in the mood for anything more than a hug and a kiss. We have drifted apart and I dont want us to seperate. I found this forum and hope to learn more and seek advise.