Marriage Counselor in Rhode Island


My husband has ADD and we are having a lot of the problems that are described here. It is a relief to find this website and have what I am going through validated. 

We are at the point where we need to find a good marriage counselor, or we will end up breaking up. From reading the material available here, it seems that not every marriage counselor knows how to deal with the specific issues of a marriage where a spouse has ADD. It seems that counseling can make it worse unless the counselor has experience dealing with these very specific issues. 

I have been looking for marriage counselors that have experience dealing with these issues but have not found any. I tried but the directory has none in my area. I tried and nothing there either. I even called the Hallowell Center but they said they don't give out referrals.

Can anyone here recommend a good marriage counselor in Rhode Island?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.