Marriage is Prostitution

"for the law doth not intend that the man is advanced by marriage; and therefore such a promise of marriage to him is of no consideration in law, and by consequence, no action can be founded thereon. But it is otherwise where a man promiseth to marry a woman, because in the eye of the law marriage is an advancement to the woman."

I ran across a video on youtube done by a woman who is a self proclaimed "feminist".  And the title of this post is the same one of the video which caught my eye so I listened to what she had to say.  This topic is a very personal one to that, in the video, she described something that happened to me personally like it was common knowledge to her.....but not me being a man?  Not common knowledge....but saying, not that I have not suffered greatly because of it so this was extremely validating and refreshing to hear this woman's opinion who also found the same thing as disgusting as I do and I had to learn this the "hard way" because I never in a million years would have considred this...until it actually happened to me? NOW I know the put?  But no one ever explained them to me before....but I also have renewed faith in woman kind.....when I hear women out there....speaking out against this since it puts a dark shadow on woman as a whole...and is a blight on it sits.

IMHO.....what the past....was there for "GOOD" taking a bad situation...and making it more equitable.  But was the no longer any more...and what is left is a perversion of that past situation....and is a travesty in terms of today?

I put this under "anger" since this does anger me....but it also gives me renewed hope....when I hear a woman speak out against what is bad ...not only for men.....but for women too.

I made a comment to the OP in reply thanking her for posting it.  I thought I would just include this along with the video... because it was the first time I had ever heard this from a woman before...and it really made my day to hear it and with that renewed hope for the future?

" and women have always been equals in the eyes of God or Mother Nature or whom ever you subscribe too. ( or not? ) Yet the laws that men make....create a situation that makes them unequal, and this was a fantastic look at why that is? Men made this we have to sleep in it? What they say.....don't shit where you sleep!!! But not using that as an excuse for women either. A any person who refuses to take or woman. Just because men made this bed....doesn't mean women have to charge admission to sleep in it!!! LOL Bravo....I mean....Brava??? What ever!! lol Great video....Thank you for calling a spade a spade instead saying it's a diamond."

FYI:  My take on the that she was not being literal...but speaking to a current problem..and shining a light on it which I very much appreciate and thought the same things as she did but not saying the title in a literal way which I context:)