Medication help

First post - so here goes.

Was diagnosed about a year or two ago.

Started out with one Adderall XR during the day, and saw improvement, but I think there could be more.  I asked to switch to regular Adderall because there is a generic form and it was much cheaper - $10/mo vs about $100.  Similar results there.

About a month ago my doc and I agreed that I could bump it up to 20mg 3x a day.  Oh, I'm 34, 6'3" 270lbs.  This helped with not being completely exhausted when I got home, and helps me with family time after work.

So the dosage seems decent - but not perfect.  I can focus better, but still get distracted - it just lowers the amount of distractions.  Using the "50 tvs in my mind" analogy, I would say the Adderall turns off 47 of the tvs.

I have made headway in other areas by changing habits, but I would like to really get those last two extra tvs turned off and increase my ability to finish out projects (still waning in this area).

Should I consider more mgs per dosage?  Is there a different med that may be better for those other areas?  I have seen some people who say that 60mg a day is the max, but others say you can go to 80.  But I don't necessarily think another pill is gonna help the effectiveness of each dosage.

I know people say to experiment but that gets expensive and time consuming.  Just wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction to the Adderall and found a better method.