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As I glanced at this list of symptoms and recommendation's specific to a person with the predominant Hyperactive-Impulsive Type ADHD, it seems extremely clear to me now this is where I belong and fit into the scheme of ADHD and exactly which of the 3 types a person would be diagnosed.  I have to remember, that being on medication for as long as I have, that the medication itself has done a pretty good job of shifting these symptoms or modifying them enough that many of these symptoms have diminished to the point where ( these particular symptoms ) are no longer really at issue.  What I have found however which is not always discussed.....that like anything else, nature abhors a vacuum and if you change one thing in one area, some thing else will likely takes it's place y by default and fill in where that thing is missing.

I have read very little about this aspect of treatment and the effect that has on ( the person with it ) in light of the fact, that the people who are with that person, or those looking from the outside are focused on the aspects that negatively affect them most and are less concerned or shall I say, have no idea what is actually taking place on the inside of that person since there is no cure for ADHD itself, all you can do in reality is change something else to compensate for the effects the ADHD imposes on that person,  and then in turn, comes the modified behavior changes externally that imposes on other people.  If you pause long enough to think about this, it really starts to make sense, and along with that thinking then, what actually changes for the person with ADHD and how does that make them feel?

In a perfect world type hypothetical situation for everyone involved, you might conclude that if all is well on the relationship front for you  ( the non-ADHD person ) then the treatment and medication has been a complete success ( if that was possible ) and not consider te major changes that occur inside that person and then what actually takes the place of "those things"  that are no longer there on the outside, but now, what's happened on the inside ( at the source ) since what is really happening is just a type or form of internal intervention as it were?  That's it really in a nut shell.  What ever you can't self intervene or control yourself, shows up externally and that's what everyone else sees.  And if you have successfully intervened and learned to control these things, then they don't show themselves and everyone is happy....right?  Relation happy you might say....but what about the person with ADHD?  Are they happy themselves and how do they feel about this and where does that leave them?

This is exactly where I am now and that is what I'm asking myself based on now, looking back and reflecting and then looking into the future.  If anything, I think this is what I have personally neglected to do in the past so I 'm now taking inventory to see what I come up with?  If you are so very focused on your spouse, your kids , your job or what ever else you've got going....more often that not, I put myself on the back burner but mainly because I simply do not have enough head space to be thinking about all these things at once and simply stop to take care of myself at the same time along the way?  I've heard this said repeatedly here on this forum so I know this is not exclusive to having ADHD that's for sure.

So....starting from the beginning, and I mean beginning in terms that everyone of these things were a problem for me at one time in my life (all of them ) and to varying degrees of finding ways around them, they either show or don't show any more, but along with what I'm saying, what am I left with and how do I feel about it NOW......right this very minute?  Heres the brief description and to mention since I didn't......the predominant Hyperactive Type appears to be a little less common out of the 3 types that present themselves in the overall diagnosis of ADHD.  Just something to think about for anyone else reading this.

ADHD Hyperactive Impulsive Type

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Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive ADHD displays itself differently in an ADHD adult than in a child. The characteristics are more internal and less obvious to the casual observer.

Here are 18  characteristics you could be experiencing if you have Hyperactive-Impulsive ADHD


1) Always in motion. Even when sitting, you are fidgeting with your hands busy or your feet are tapping.
2) Have a restless/aggravated feeling inside (sometimes to the point of pain) when a social situation requires ‘stillness’ e.g. long conversations, lectures, dinner
3) Multi task (do many things at once) +++ but not necessarily effectively
4) Feel bored a lot of the time.
5) Talk lots!…more than anyone else you know
6) Your mind is always racing and you have millions of thoughts
7) Crave excitement
Take risks in order to relieve boredom and feel alive
9) Drive MUCH faster than the speed limit, particularly on highways.


10) Experience a low level of self control
11) Feel impatient when dealing with ‘slow’ people.
12) Answer a person before they have finished speaking.
13) Have a reputation for being rude, or not interested in other people
14) Says things without thinking and can offend people.
Difficultly understanding other’s personal boundaries (physical or emotional)
16) Unlikely to finish an entire book
17) Act spontaneously. This can put yourself and others in physical danger
18) Prone to addictions

If this is you, don’t be alarmed. There are things you can do to manage these characteristics.

Exercise Pick a  form of hard cardio exercise (that is fun for you) and do it every day. This is an incredible way to reduce hyperactivity. It helps calm your busy mind, burn of excess energy and help you feel grounded and calm

Eat the good stuff. Avoid sugar and ‘white’ products (e.g. white bread and pasta). Also avoid getting too hungry. Sugar, ‘white’ products and getting too hungry all produce huge highs and lows in the blood sugar and exacerbate ADHD. Check the guidelines for an ADHD diet.

Sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital . When getting by on too little sleep you experience things that mirror your ADHD like anxiety, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and increased distractibility

Meditation. Meditation helps quieten your busy mind, makes you feel calmer, less stressed and helps concentration. Practicing it for just 5 minutes each day makes a big difference.

Communication. If you notice that you said something you didn’t mean to, simply say “sorry that wasn’t exactly what I meant say” If you realized you interrupted someone simply say ” Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt” by acknowledging it you will feel better and so will the person you are with. Instant damage control means there are no hard feelings.

Excitement. Create an exciting life for yourself. Fill your life with fun and engaging people.  Engage in activities that are stimulating and exciting for you. Then not only will you feel less bored, you are also less likely to put yourself in danger or use recreational drugs or unhealthy amounts of alcohol.

When you employ these techniques (and any others that you have found work for you personally) you will notice a big difference in how you function in the world and feel about yourself.


Before I ever knw I had ADHD, it appears as though by intuition or otherwise, I managed to either avoid most of the negatives within reason with a few minor bumps and scrapes but nothing too terrible in more isolated instances and not on going ( but still can stand some work for sure ).....but in the list of recommendations and as a means to help, without knowing better I've done a really good job overall, in doing exactly those things right down to the letter....on my own?  Not too shabbby, I would say...without knowing I had ADHD and just listening to my body and monitoring myself constantly and doing what I felt I should do based on how it made me feel?  This was not at the expense of my responsibilities  ( except for cleaning failure in the past that I am working hard on as we speak )

But the one 'STAND OUT"  point, that just jumped out and grabbed me was..."Fill your life with fun and engaging people. Engage in activities that are stimulating and exciting for you. "


OMG yes!!!!!!     And why is that?  Because, I am a fun, engaging person, who has a great sense of humor and is passionate and interesting to be around and loves to have fun and find exciting stimulating things to in a wide variety of areas and activities.  These are my pepes......and my life is empty of them?  Where are they now?  I think I need to go out and find me some?  The only thing on the list that seemed rather obvious to me in what is severely lacking?  My pepes?