Melissa’s telecourse starts 2/18 8:30 pm EST Woo hoo

oh wow can’t wait. Who else is signing up??? 


I had already emailed her to ask for couples as my husband has wanted us to do couples again for awhile . I guess she recommends doing the course together before she will consider doing couples. Anyway we had couples several years ago when in the throes of raising 2 teenagers. It was not good. The guy was not that great with coaching couples with one ADHD member. 

Well at least I have done something positive. He does not know I’ve signed us up . I have read the book twice. He does not know about the book.

When I get back from my trip I ‘ll broach the subject of the book ADHD Marriage , which I estimate there  is a 70% chance he will not read . Then I ‘ll suggest we do the telecourse with Melissa and see what he says. I can’t text him about it because I have pledged myself to text him as little as possible. He gets aggravated if I ask where to find something and doesn’t respond if I propose a vacation via text so has to be in person.

Lately I’ve been on a lot of trips because I’m not tied down to work right now and love seeing the country and getting away from cold gravy weather. Honestly I really like just going someplace where I can keep track of my stuff and relax and not have to monitor everything I do. I can’t relax around him anymore. Everything I do or say has to be modulated. Can’t say certain things without  angry off the cuff defensive reactions. I love my solitude and travel these days. Next is road trip is to Florida with our pups. I planned it all. May invite him to join for a week. It won’t be a 12 K sunny island vacation that he wanted because we are working on paying down 2 mortgages. Just a simple road trip with basic accommodations through GlampingHub and Airbnb that are dog friendly. Looking forward to outdoors time and hikes with doggies.