Missing that old you

I was thinking about waiting for you to come back home and then we would have this talk. But I changed my mind.
I still love you. With all my heart. But I don't feel I am loved by you anymore and this is very painful, believe me. I have tried to give us one last chance... but I am realizing it is useless. You don't love me anymore. I don't know why you keep telling me you do.
I would understand you better if you say that you love someone else or you don't want to date me anymore.
I keep messaging you, begging for you attention... and you don't show me you care about me. Do you know what? This is making me really sick. I gained a lot of weight because of our fights, I am not being able to work, study, doing anything because I am very depressed. I have to have my life back.
Breaking up is really hurting me. Because I don't want to leave you. But I am feeling I have no option. I need to feel loved. And I don't feel loved by you anymore. I feel I am alone in this relationship. I feel you don't care about this anymore. You changed so much. And I miss a lot that old you. I miss that old you so much. It is like that old you have died and I miss that old you so much... and I will miss that old you until the day I die and more.  I keep looking for that old you when we talk... but the old you is gone forever. And I wish so much that old you could come back because that old you is the love of my life. That old you was so excited, glad, full of ideas and plan... I spent with that old you the best days of my life... If you can find that old you, please, let me know... because I love him so much. And I miss him so much.