DHA and EPA (Omega-3)

I was just wondering if there is anyone on this forum who is/has a spouse that is taking Omega-3 for their ADHD?

During my long wait for medical help I self medicated with Omega-3 and I am so thankful over the results that I am still taking Omega-3 every day. It takes a week or two for the real effect to kick in and I also took a few extra until I found a dosage that really fit me. The biggest help was with the memory and it's also supposed to have a good effect on sleep (my mom sent me omega-3 pills and upon researching it I found that a lot of mothers with ADHD children found it very effective for sleep and the ADHD). I really think it's worth trying, better to have tried than not. Especially if for some reason you/your spouse can't or don't want to take stimulants. I just wanted to share this as it's been great for me and I would hate for someone to miss it if it could help them!