My dilemma with my girlfriend

My long distance girlfriend (who was diagnosed with ADD/depression years ago) basically told me a couple of weeks back how due to her ADD she forgot to bring in an assignment to her vet tech class and got an F (it's an aggressive one year school before she graduates). Then she said she's thinking of stripping. I told her don't as it's dangerous (particularly where she has to live to be near the school). She blocked me for no reason last week. We are still friends on Facebook and the only way to chat is on her posts. This week is finals for her. Well today, she did a post basically saying she's thinking hard on stripping. So obviously she's not doing well and has been depressed. Since the only way to talk is to comment on that post, should I reiterate what I said to her a couple of weeks ago? Knowing her like I do, she won't pay attention to me. Even if I comment, she may delete it and block me. I don't know what to do.