To my Energizer Bunny

My Dearest Energizer Bunny

Don’t you miss having someone to hold at night, to be your blanket and to embrace someone in the morning? To hold your hand when you are ill or in pain, to be there to wipe away your tears and to ease your aches. To have someone’s hand to hold while walking through the forest listening to the birds and woodland creatures, that we both love and to have someone to share a blanket with by the campfire. To sit and watch a TV show with you while we fall asleep in each other’s arms, and to have someone to take off your shoes and rub your sore feet. To kiss under the stars, think of Hashkiveinu when you lie down every evening. To be at your side at a concert like we did so many times, and to dance with while listening to our favorite bands. To have someone one there for you when you are older and in need of support, to enjoy time together instead of apart, to celebrate milestones together, to celebrate our children and their accomplishments. To celebrate New Year’s Eve together as we have so many times in the past. To be more open and honest, to be each other’s confident, to share responsibilities, and to be a partnership as we had agreed upon when we were married. For we both signed a compact to work through the tough issues and to celebrate the accomplishments together. Making you, our family, and creating a place of Shalom Bayit the number one priority hence forth.

There have been things that occurred that were not upstanding, rational, and some that were not worthy of being a spouse and partner, and readily admit there were many things that could had been done better not only between us but also for the children. Many things that occurred in the past were caused by the awful place that were because of the work and other circumstances, there were many things that were not right, but can be in the future. It is now another New Year, and a time for Atonement lets toss away our problems to the sea and start anew without hate, hurt, distrust and create a better world for everyone by being open, communicating and working to start to rebuild the trust we once had in one another again to create Tikkun Olam. For the life, home and family that we built together and the foundation that was laid not only for us, but for also for those who we raised, and for those around us. For you have always been and will always be the one true Bet Zivug for me.

Truly Madly Deeply