My gf’s bad ADHD

My ldr gf has bad ADHD that includes severe depression (dx). Her parents, sister and I are worried about her current situation. She’s lived alone for the last 3 months, 4 hours away from them in Texas and I live here in Massachusetts. 

She blocked me almost 2 weeks ago out the blue from iPhone texting and I’ve only corresponded once with her on messaging in social media (I’ve seen her go on and off daily but doesn’t read my texts). Her short message she sent to me only once last week to me was she wasn’t mad at me and that she was a ghost to me for feeling so broken right now.  She started being distant with her parents and sister with very scant texting a few days later and it’s been like that since. My gf posted on social media about “her heart is officially broken to pieces” which we think it’s either due to her failing her finals due to her ADHD or one of her beloved cats passed. Another post she did was pondering if she should be a stripper or more. This really upset me. Her ADHD has affected her to complete her schooling. Due to this and other stress from being alone (and me even telling her that I plan on visiting her in the coming months now that I finally saved up). 

She’s obviously been very distant with all of us as it’s the first time she’s done this to me. She used to always text me when she was like this. I’ve texted with the sister on a daily basis to get updates. Either my gf barely replies to the parents, but not saying what’s going on or just reads the texts. Her sister has told me that she gets this way sometimes for a long period of time and it’s not unusual for her. They know she’s ok since the family checks up on her with gps (they did call for a well being service check once last week and thank God she was fine)

Since my gf moved to her apt she didn’t have time to search for a new psych to get meds, I took the liberty to look. I did find a possible one and told her last month but because of her ADHD and school she never looked into it. I’m wondering if I should send the info to her sister in hopes that my gf talks to her to give her the info. What sucks is that my gf doesn’t have much like me so hopefully she can use them. If not, is there something I can do to help her as she obv needs meds? Her parents and sister don’t have much either. 

What’s concerning also on how she is in a depressive state from the ADHD, she lives in a bad area to be near campus (she didn’t know how bad until it was too late and her dad and her signed the one year lease). She has gone out alone a few times she told me late at night (tho I haven’t told her sis). My gf and I use to share location but when she blocked me,she stopped sharing her l. What sucks for me is I am a worry wart, so I go crazy not knowing how she is with this whole situation. I’m trying to do self care. Any help would be most helpful, fellow non ADHDers.,