My husband has ADHD and his not in the mood is more frequently

He loves his games and his computer. We have had our bout with porn I had no Ideal when we married him being 39 and never married and not having sex with no one for about 4 years I came along we got married had sex for a year ..year and a half now he's not in the mood. We went to counseling for porn addition and have blocked all home access on the home computer and TV I have codes to that and he agreed after several threats of me leaving if he continued to look at porn. But this I'm not in the mood is new he is 41 I am 40. It said on the forum I seen on here that a person with ADD/ADHD that there moods will be that way this is all new to me when I married him I did not know the ADD/ADHD thing nor the porn addition nor how bad he plays games . I thought he was shy how could a nice man and so sweet have no girlfriend nor a wife and be single so long I know now we have over come so much but the not in the mood makes me wonder if he is sneaking back and looking at porn again.