My Partner has withdrawn again


Im a bit low today. My partner had made a remark yesterday. "you say you want honesty but when you get it you dont like what I say." It threw me. Normally I try to talk it through. My partner doesn't like that as he feels like he is being told he is wrong. It was hard to hear as It is not the case. I kept my cool and have just been very light today. He scrapped my car again and didn't say anything, I didn't comment either and just let it go. I hate this part of our cycle. If you have seen my other posts I am making a really effort not to be inflammatory back.  He wants me to be happy. I am partly but am trying a different approach to talking and a part of that is me not reacting. It is very hard when he is withdrawn.

I will just play it cool

Any suggestions on when we do start talking again?