Need assistance in letting go of what could have been...1+ year

The following is a list of common reasons why couples get divorced. I am frustrated to say upon in depth research that my untreated ADD were behind each that happened unfortunately. Of the ones I have identified, I was responsible for the breakup. I left while in a down period and some 1 + year later I still think about what could have been. My untreated ADD hurt my life for 40+ years and I did not know how until a few months ago...but we must move on. I want to know if anyone out there has been in similar situations where you could not forget about your mistake, are managing well, and there is a chance for reconciliation down the road although she/he says no. I have acknowledged my faults. To make you aware, I am getting better for myself and my kids first and foremost and not her but I still think about her every minute. I do not who else after that.

• Lack of commitment to the marriage-----Perceived from ADD
• Lack of communication between spouses---- ADD
• Infidelity--No PHYSICAL affairs-possible Hypersexuality---- ADD
• Abandonment NO
• Alcohol Addiction NO
• Substance Abuse NO
• Physical Abuse NO
• Sexual Abuse NO
• Emotional Abuse--- ADD
• Inability to manage or resolve conflict---- ADD
• Personality Differences or ‘irreconcilable differences’----- ADD
• Differences in personal and career goals----- ADD
• Financial problems---- ADD
• Different expectations about household tasks ADD
• Different expectations about having or rearing children NO
• Interference from parents or in-laws NO
• Lack of maturity NO
• Intellectual Incompatibility perceived ADD
• Sexual Incompatibility NO
• Insistence of sticking to traditional roles and not allowing room for personal growth ---------ADD
• Falling out of love-----NO
• Religious conversion or religious beliefs NO
• Cultural and lifestyle differences NO
• Inability to deal with each other’s petty idiosyncrasies NO if ADD
• Mental Instability or Mental Illness YES ------------------------ADD
• Criminal behavior and incarceration for crime NO

I hope this helps. It has helped me for the future in all relationships.