someone please help :(

i am very frustrated and need advice, my boyfriend who have been with for almost a year has got ADHD he never talks about it also never talks face to face about his feelings. he gets very angry easily and says very hurtful things and calls me some terrible things. my mother and close friends say to finish it with him but i love him and i find it hard to let him go because when it is good it is amazing but when it is bad it is dreadful, we are in an argument now and it hurts so much especially the way he goes on. he always has very bad mood swings and also sometimes comes across like he is depressed at times especially when he was moving regiments as he is in the army he stopped texting as much and when he was home he never came to see me but then we broke up and got back together everything seemed great then we had this argument which has really hurt me, i want to be with him i just dont know how to cope with his anger and mood swings all the time as it hurts me as he says and calls me very hurtful things. i just need advice what to do and how to deal with being with someone with ADHD