Never know if hes going to come home in a good or bad mood.

I'm so tired of the nervousness that I feel before he walks through the door. I can tell in a second what kind of mood he's in. If he walks through the door and says "hi honey" then I know he had a good day. If the first thing he says is "what's up?" then I know he had a crappy day. He came home from work on Thursday and Friday in really good moods. So when he went in on Saturday I was expecting another good mood that night. Nope! Well on Friday evening a large branch broke off of our tree and mostly landed in the neighbor's yard. The neighbor came over and asked if we wanted him to saw it off and H says 'Okay". He then tells me "Well the tree is on the property line so he can do what he wants." I tell him that the tree belongs to us and that he is just offering to cut it down. We've been here for 3 years and he apparently thought we shared the tree?? He then goes happily "Okay well then I'll just saw it up for firewood tomorrow. ". Well after he left for work Saturday morning I dragged the limb (about 12' long and 5" around!) onto our driveway because I was going to mow and I wanted to cut off all the small branches allowing him to just cut up the main part when he got home. Well I'm sitting on the porch when he pulls up. He gets out of the truck (without seeing me out there) and yells "Why the fuck is there a tree in our driveway?!" Great, here we go. I go "What?" and he repeats it and I say "Because I put it there." He walks in the house without a word to me, throws his backpack on the couch and immediately goes out to the garage and hooks up the electric saw and cuts it up. In the process he starts saying at the top of his lungs "We having the laziest fuck of a neighbor. Tells everyone we have 10 cats, says the woman down the street is a prostitute, calls people niggers when he's the real nigger". I had no idea why he was going off on our neighbor and thought that was the cause why he came home mad. I wanted to melt away because I was so embarrassed by what he was saying and how many people heard him. He didn't care. Started throwing the logs and not saying one word to me while I helped. If I had opened my mouth he would have yelled at me. Goes inside and sits at his computer for an hour. Takes a shower and then comes out and sits with me. I say to him "Are you okay". He goes "Yeah, just was a long day at work and I thought the neighbor had put the branch in our driveway." I TOLD him as he came in the house that I had done it! THAT'S the reason he was going off on the neighbor??! I can't believe that a bad day at work would elicit such a horrible reaction. Of course everyone but him goofs off at work and he has to take on the brunt of the load. No matter where he works, he's the ONLY one who ever gets anything done.