New here, glad to get this glimmer of hope

Hi everyone,

I found this site about a week ago.  I've been sitting at the computer wih tears running down my face ever since.  Just about EVERYTHING I've read here is true about my marriage. 

DH was previously diagnosed with ADD and treated with medication only.  He claims he diagnosed himself and described the symptoms to the psychiatrist in order to get diagnosed.  He took Adderall and while it did help his attention, he wasn't very nice.

Now here we are a few years and another kid later, and I am depressed.  I've been diagnosed with post partum depression but now I can't help but wonder how much his ADD feeds into that.  He also thinks he's depressed as well.

I started getting therapy for myself again which has helped.  I eventually gave DH an ultimatum of sorts--either get help or I would leave.  It is that bad.  He has started therapy, but has only had 2 sessions, so there is no real progress there yet. 

I brought up the ADD thing again to him this week and he continues to deny it is a problem.  But it's all here in black and white.  The list of six things?  Yep, every single one. 

I sure hope his therapist explores this with him......but the thing is, DH missed his appointment this week because he forgot.  Um, that should be a clue!