I am new, I am reading the book on Marriage and ADHD. Great book and very helpful. I have ADHD and my wife and I only found out 4 years ago with 8 years together not knowing about it. Since I found out I have had two heart surgeries. This only happened after the tests for me to take meds for my ADHD. I could not take the meds until after my second operation. My wife has been through hell,with me and she is my world and I love her deeply. I never thought I would be in this position considering I hated relationships because of my ADHD.

We are still learning and hope to learn more. We are trying not to blame each other and work out how to enjoy our lives. I think for me this is so important because I came so close to death after my first operation. I am hoping to learn loads from this site and my new doctor who is supporting me through medication stabilisation.