My husband was very supportive for 3 days,he was very willing for me to read "Melissa's" book to him and I did,I pointed out all the great things at first like the part where "things I love about my ADHD husband" and the "hyper focus courtship" and a lot more,he was very fascinated, and wanted me to read more,so I continued ,but, over a period of 3 days.He can't all at once, take it in, so I had to read it in pieces and he was in shock! he realized that he was the one that caused "all" his past relationship's to fail,or end, and identified all the things he did wrong,he was very excited to begin treatment and start meds,but,first he started fish oil only yesterday.He no longer wants to remain with the disorder, and was very eager to visit the doctor, A. S. A .P, and wants me to continue to blog here and learn all I can about ADHD,I am impress by his motivation to move forward.He says to me, that he loves me a lot and will do what ever it takes to save our relationship.I started to "cry" of his realization.He understood everything in the book and says that's exact "HIM," and all the symptoms was him, and always knew that he was ill with something but never knew what it was, and he was very impress with how I found his problem.He began to be very sweet to me,I was sick on Thursday,and I fell asleep by him,he went to the grocery and cooked me a really delicious meal, and bought me tablets and I got better with in a few hours.He was surprising me with all sort of nice candies and sweets and he was in a really good mood,like when we first met a year and 4 months ago.I could not believe it.He even wants to work on certain issues that he identifies,like watching other women in my presence,and work on his mood swings, and anger,even the addictiveness to porn.He really wants to try, and I love him alot, and I could see how much he wants to change, and he wants me to help him, and I would.I told him If I did not love him the way I did I would not have even bother to go through all of this and just proceed to move on with my own life.He says he would "stop" all the verbal abuse,and stop the "blame game",and work on underlining the real issues and stray from it.OKAY people I am very happy to hear that,and I even tell him that I will work on my own self and set boundaries and make my self better for us to continue and maintain a healthy relationship.So our mission has started.


He took me to the concert on Saturday night,the same one he did not want to take me just last week ,but,he is trying to be sensitive to my feelings,so we went, and we had a ball,but, one problem,he was watching a beautiful young woman that was standing right next to us.I some how could not deal with that and I wanted to just go home,it was already late anyway, and on top of that the heels I was wearing was causing me to be very uncomfortable.Am I too jealous? maybe I need to work on my jealously?I may have took that a little to personally? and may be I had a few to drink and the alcohol made me forget all the things I read at the moment.Am I to be blamed for that?whoever reads this please reply!this morning he got up "ANGRY" and went back on all his words, and he began to fight with me.Of course he was blaming me for last night,he said he never watched any woman and that the alcohol made me hallucinate,and that I was seeing things.He,before would stare down women in front of me and I lived with that for over a year now, so I don't think that he would "JUST STOP".I SAW IT, he was indeed watching the beautiful woman,but,wants me to be blamed for everything,I was about to cook lunch, and he was being very mean and nasty,he said I was sooo drunk that I was swaying,and that I crossed the road like a mad woman to buy some dinner before we went home, and many more mean, nasty things.I think one of our biggest problem is that we don't know how to say "sorry" and move on to something good.I on the other hand could control my anger and get over something as quickly as 10 minuets,he takes 6 hours,of self medicating relaxing weed and hard liquor.I am home now, he ran me as usual like a dog!what can I do ADHD is taking over my marriage no matter what we do.