No big problems far so good

I am dating a man with ADHD, and we have been together almost 9 months. Some of the posts I've read here are heartbreaking. My boyfriend is not currently on medications, but has been in the past. He said he went to a behavioral therapist some years back and it helped him greatly, He is very organized, sticking to his routines every day. He is good with money, tracks his spending closely, and seems quite organized. The only issues we have had disagreements about are his talking too much, and in great detail about other people in his life be it family, co workers or women from his past. He is working on this, and makes a conscious effort to stop himself before he goes too far. I let him know at the time the issues came up that I didn't need to hear about intimate details of other women in his past life, or anyone else for that matter. I explained that I would never talk about the men I've been with in the past, because it would be disrespectful to him and what we have. We are still in the early stages of our relationship. The future is not written, but I cannot imagine a future without him in it. Communication between us is better than I've had in past relationships.