Is the non-ADHD spouse compatible with the ADHD spouse???? is that possible????

I don't mean to sound mean or harsh but the thought just occurred to me as to if the(non-ADHD spouse is compatible with the ADHD spouse) ??? is that possible??

My spouse and Myself really hit it off the right way,the(hyper focused courtship) is one thing but I always felt that deep connection between us,But then suddenly all the things that were hanky dory came to almost an end.We seem soo compatible at first but then it was as if we are two completely different people.He thinks acts and wanted the dreams as myself when we first met and then suddenly we are on (two)different roads,things are really out of control and I don't love him as much as before.I am scared of all this,I am scared to fall out of love and I am scared not to fall out of love.I have never been so confused in my entire life!!

how it is you can be compatible with someone so different????

it's just not possible????

am I wrong?? or right???

two different people with different circumstances.